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Andy Perez is a huge fan of pretzel buns, puppets, and Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. When he's not in the studio - currently working as a Video Director and Idea Liaison at Vat19 - you can find Andy at the movies or eating Taco Bell's Spicy Potato Soft Taco. 

Here's Andy's 2023 Movie Rankings. He
 keeps changing his mind about Saltburn and Maestro.


Andy started his career in theatre, studying Comedy Writing & Performance at Columbia College/The Second City and performing professionally across the Midwest. Transitioning to administrative roles with ensembles like The Gift Theatre, St. Louis Shakespeare Company, and West End Players Guild, he began broadening his skills in production - later producing and directing his own comedy performances throughout Chicago, and eventually Spain.
When COVID-19 shut down the theatre world (and the regular world), Andy leapt at a chance to make the shift to professional video production. After years of writing, shooting, and cutting shorts at an amateur level, he began working as a video editor for WhatCulture and CN Video Production. Projects ranged from digital ads for credit unions to 10 Celebs Who Dated WWE Superstars, and the odd variety of work led to unpredictable opportunities. 
With 411Mania, Andy co-produced, wrote, and directed Squared Circle Spotlight - a short surrounding Olympic medalist Kurt Angle's firing from WWE. His interest in documentary film was piqued, and Andy made the move to Barcelona to work with Otoxo Productions. There, he gained a practical and varied skillset in factual filmmaking - co-directing and editing social issue documentaries in collaboration with Bicibús Eixample, Resist Pro Wrestling, and the Ajuntament de Barcelona.
During his stint in Europe, Andy also crashed a stand-up set with a hardcore wrestling match, managed TV and cinema deliverables for documentary distributor Limonero Films, and directed commercial content for GBSB Global and Sheffield DocFest.
Upon returning to the States, Andy lent his efforts to Emmy-winning production company StoryTrack, editing corporate and real estate content - before getting hired as a full-time Video Director by Vat19. Now, Andy spends his weekdays in St. Louis' largest sound stage, creating social media ads for sponsors like Moose Toys, Crazy Aaron's Putty, and Paramount - and video content for Vat19's 9.85 million subscribers on YouTube.
But Andy is always looking to fill his free time with new projects! If you'd like to work with him, feel free to check out the portfolios linked below, or visit the CONTACT page.
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